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 01 The Kentucky Mule

Everything is better with Bourbon!
Come with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon, Mint, Limes, Dickies ginger beer and Last call recovery drink as a complimentary

How to! - 2oz of Bulleit Bourbon, top with Dickies Ginger beer, squeeze one lime wedge on top and add a sprig of mint

02 Mojito
Put on some reggae or your favorite island music and recreate those patio days at home!
Come with a bottle of Bacadi, Mint, Sugar, Limes, Soda and Last call recovery drink as a complimentary

How to! - Smash a handful of mint (careful not to break up the mint, it will end up bitter) cut one lime into 6 wedges and squeeze each one into the glass and press the mint and lime wedges together. Add ¾ oz simple syrup, 2oz of rum, and mix together. Top with soda or ginger ale if you want to get crazy, leave room for ice at the end

Simple syrup recipe - Two cups of sugar, 2 cups of water, bring to a boil and then low simmer for a few min. Place in the fridge to cool – the drink works best when the simple syrup is cold.